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Extending the default Brightpearl Magento Integration

October 28th, 2013 by James in Brightpearl

Brightpearl offer out of the box integration with your Magento store allowing store owners to integrate orders, customer contacts, products and inventory. Over the past year we have worked with a number of Brightpearl users who wanted to extend the functionality offered by the Brightpearl Magento integration and as a result with have announced several products intended to extend the Brightpearl Magento integration such as our Brightpearl Magento Store Finder and our Magento Special Price and Cost Price Brighrtpearl Sync. Since then, we have been working hard to create a robust and flexible Magento extension that can extend or entirely replace the Brightpearl Magento integration.

Magento Order Integration for Brightpearl

Our Brightpearl Magento Extender offers the following order integration functionality.

  • Orders pushed to Brightpearl instantly, rather than every 15 minutes.
  • Magento Customers synchronised to Brightpearl Contacts.
  • Stock Tracking option.
  • Gift messages entered by the customer at product and order level added to Brightpearl Order Notes.
  • Greater flexibility in mapping frontend delivery methods to Brightpearl delivery methods. Third party Magento shipping rate extensions supported.
  • Simplified Tax Rule mapping.
  • Email notification of any failures in orders copying to Brightpearl.
  • Ability to re-push orders from Magento to Brightpearl if they fail for any reason, such as network problems.
  • Custom product options in Magento added to Brightpearl order notes.

The functionality available in our Brightpearl Magento Extender replaces the Order Synchronisation feature offered by the native Brightpearl Magento integration.

Magento Products and Brightpearl

Our Magento Order integration will work with Brightpearl even if you have not integrated your Brightpearl Products with Magento.

Magento Configurable Products in Brightpearl

Our Magento Order integration for Brightpearl supports configurable products.

Special Price and Cost Price Brightpearl Magento Integration

We also offer a Brightpearl Magento integration that provides the ability to update the Magento Special Price and Cost Price fields from any Brightpearl Price List. If you would like to know more, please get in touch with support.

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