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New Authorize.Net Brightpearl Features

December 18th, 2013 by James in Brightpearl

The aim of our Authorize.Net Brightpearl integration is to reduce data entry time and human error. This month we have added a heap of new features that can help save you even more time when you process payments with Authorize.Net and Brightpearl.
brightpearl partner developer brightpearl Authorize.Net integration
In December 2013, we added the following new Authorize.Net Brightpearl Terminal features:

Refund Payments with Authorize.Net in Brightpearl

Any payments taken against orders in Brightpearl with our virtual terminal can be refunded in part of full. The customer's original card will be refunded and an order note will be added to the Brightpearl order with the refunded amount and Authorize.Net refunded transaction reference. You will find a Refund button within our Authorize.Net Brightpearl terminal, as below.
brightpearl refunds
Clicking the Refund button will offer a popup window where you can enter the original order number that you wish to refund. You will then be taken to a confirmation screen where you can specify the amount to be refunded.

Save and re-use Customer Cards in Authorize.Net for Brightpearl

If you have return customers, you can speed up the payment process by saving customer card details for re-use next time. We use Authorize.Net's CIM functionality to keep your customer's data safe and remain PCI Compliant. In fact, we do not actually store card numbers directly, we use the secure token system provided by Authorize.Net. CIM is an additional service offered by Authorize.Net. You can read about CIM here.
You will notice a tick box on the payment terminal that allows you to save the customer's card, as pictured below.
brightpearl CIM authorize

After you have saved a card, next time you process an order for the same customer you will be able to select the previous card, as below.
brightpearl CIM authorize saved

Detached Payments (process a payment without an Order or an Invoice number)

A detached payment can be used when you want to charge a customer's card without updating any orders or accounts in Brightpearl.
If you have questions, please get in touch with support.

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