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Royal Mail 2D Barcode Changes

August 24th, 2015 by James in announcements

Royal Mail and 2D Barcode Implementation

As of October 2015, Royal Mail require 2D barcodes on services that previously did not need barcodes.

If you are using any of our Royal Mail label integrations for Brightpearl or Magento, you do not need to worry, we have you covered. Please take a moment to find the answers below to some common questions around the forthcoming 2D Barcode requirement.

I'm a new customer, can Mad Capsule help with Royal Mail 2D Barcodes?

Yes. We are happy to help new and existing customers. If you already down one of our Royal Mail integrations, plese read below for answers specific to your integration.

If you not currently a customer of ours and have been told by Royal Mail you need to make preparations for the upcoming 2D barcode requirement, we recommend you try Shiptheory. Shiptheory integrates Royal Mail with Brightpearl and Magento seamlessly and already supports 2D barcodes. Read more about Shiptheory here.

Will I need to update my Magento store for 2D Barcodes?

No. If you are using our Mad Capsule Royal Mail DMO Magento integration, you do not need to update your Magento store or our extension. Our Magento Royal Mail integration is already compatible with the forthcoming 2D barcode requirements. 2D barcodes will begin to appear on your labels without any action from yourself.

Will I need to update my Brightpearl desktop RMDMO Connector?

No. Our Brightpearl Royal Mail integration already supports 2D barcodes, you do not need to make any changes. 2D barcodes will begin to appear on your labels without any action from yourself.

I don't want to use 2D Barcodes

You do not need to use 2D Barcodes depending on your existing system, for example there are no changes to customers that are using a franking machine. However, failure to adopt 2D barcodes may result in higher delivery costs. Please contact Royal Mail if you are in doubt.

I use OBA. What happens to my OBA account?

OBA will continue to manage the billing of your Royal Mail shipping costs, regardless of how your labels are created.

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