About Mad Capsule Media

We’re a small team of passionate dedicated developers who love technologies and hate buzzwords. We don’t blue sky think, we just think. We don’t ‘hit the ground running’ we’re already on the ground and moving at a higher than normal rate of meters per second.

We build software robots to automate many of the daily grinding tasks people face.

From printing shipping labels & exporting sales reports to processing payments.

automation robot


Founder / Developer

Languages: PHP, Java, Python, CakePHP

Bio: Most of Mark's time is spent writing code and writing specs. With a love for Java and heavily typed languages, he always likes to break out into less formal environments such as PHP.

He's also the HTML go to guy.
He likes new technologies especially crypto currencies like Bitcoin.


Founder / Developer

Languages: CakePHP, Python, LimeJS

Bio: I like to code, play Quake and eat cake.



Languages: C++, java, python

Bio: TBC



Languages: Java, PHP

Bio: PHP and Java are my thing. I love mobile platforms as well


Tech Support

Languages: HTML


Some of our awesome customers and clients....