Webgistix Integration for Brightpearl

eCommerce order fulfillment is a serious business - Time comsuming, prone to user pick and data entry error. Is it not time to automate your fulfillment and eliminate these problems? We certainly think so, and world class order fulfillment company Webgistix is an excellent place to look. That is why we have created an entirely cloud based, fully PCI Compliant Webgistix and Brightpearl integration.

Webgistix Automated

Our Webgistix Brightpearl integration is a cloud based service. This means you never see the service running, it runs on our servers and communicates between your Brightpearl account and Webgistix account to automatically turn Brightpearl Goods Out Notes into Webgistix orders.

Our Webgistix integration can also return the shipping cost from Webgistix and update your Brightpearl journal to reflect the expense.

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