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There is a newer version of this extension

Please note: This is the legacy version of our DPD to Magento extension. This extension communicates between your Magento website and Ship@Ease Complete via an FTP server. Our latest DPD for Magento extension does not use FTP as a transfer method.

Our latest offering is much easier to configure for non-technical users.

Our new DPD Magento extension can be found here.

This FTP legacy version of the extension is still available to purchase for those users who prefer FTP and is still fully supported by ourselves.

This DPD Magento extension allows you to send your orders to DPD and send tracking emails to customers or have DPD send text messages to your customers straight from Magento.

If you would like to automate the printing of your shipping lables from Magento to DPD, this extension may well be the solution you have been looking for. Explore our Live Demo to make sure this extension is for you.

Our extension has been approved by DPD here in the U.K and is unrivalled in its integration with Ship@Ease from DPD.

Links : Live Demo | Dataflow Diagram

Compatibility : Magento 1.3+, 1.4+, 1.5+, 1.6+, 1.7+

Requirements :
  • DPD Account and a local installation of & Ship@Ease Complete, provided by DPD. DPD will have to visit to configure Ship@Ease on your premises.
  • A route in to your consignor queue via FTP. ( We provide instructions on how you can do this).

Features :
  • Send some/all or none of shipments from Magento to DPD.
  • Send the total shipment or order weight from Magento to DPD.
  • Have the customer send instructions to the courier during checkout. **
  • Have tracking information emailed to customers using your Magento email template.
  • Have DPD send SMS text message alerts to your customers regarding the status of their shipment.
  • Fully compatible with Magento's pricing matrix and other pricing extensions to calculate shipment price, where required.

Please Note:

This extension integrates two remote systems (your Magento website and your Ship@Ease computer). Thus, complexity of installation can vary depending on your current system setup. Although we include full documentation on how to install this extension, if you are not of a technical nature you may wish to purchase the Installation option and have us set this extension up for you.

** This extension adds a field to the checkout page that allows the customer to enter instructions for the courier. As there are so many combinations of checkout, this has been created to work with Magento's Modern Blue theme. If you have substantial customisation to your checkout pages, this field may need to be added manually by your developers as we do not cover this in the scope of our extension or our installation service. Though we will provide advice and assistance where we can.

Getting Help

Our number 1 priority is getting you up and running and sending your shipments to DPD. We offer 30 minutes post-sale support to help you troubleshoot any problems that occure with your setup. Installation services and additional support can be purchased for more complex requirements where required.

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